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A World Leader, Services Providers, Manufactures of Manned Submersible Vehicles 

A World Leader, Services Providers, Manufactures of Manned Submersible Vehicles 

Unparalleled for Scientific - Research – Documentaries – Filming

Aquatica’s vehicle designs represent the culmination of years of accumulated experience and expertise, resulting in underwater platforms that delivering its occupants in safety and a one atmosphere environment.

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Diving into The Unknown

70% of the Earth’s surface is the ocean. However, humankind’s understanding of its functions and structure represents the “tip-of-the-iceberg” at best. This knowledge needs to grow dramatically.There is much to learn and communicate about the Ocean, and the Aquatica Foundation is preparing to play a significant role in growing the pace of humankind’s expanded knowledge of our blue planet’s unseen frontier.

Why Our Oceans?

The world’s oceans represent “the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms.”.1 The world’s oceans supply to humankind over 93 million tons of wild fish per year, plus 48 million tons produced by fish farms.  At the same time, the oceans are being used as receptacles for immeasurable volumes of industrial and domestic waste, largely untreated, including over 9 billion tons of plastic waste per year. 

“The overall plight of the oceans is desperately worrying”The oceans, along with the forests of the world, are the two great ecosystems that sequester carbon dioxide. And in so many places we are polluting the oceans to such an extent that they are no longer able to perform this function…” 

Notwithstanding the relentless harvest of sea-life, the ongoing assault of wastes, and the prospect of impaired climate regulation, our understanding of the world’s oceans is minimal.  NOAA the National Oceans and Atmospheric Association, reports that that more than eighty percent of the world’s oceans remains “unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored 2”.    And therefore, not understood.     

Clearly, as humankind’s impacts on the world’s oceans grow in size and complexity, there is much to explore, learn and communicate about the world’s oceans. 



Ocean exploration serves a number of purposes.  Through ocean exploration, scientists can establish the baseline information needed to better understand environmental change, filling gaps in knowledge, and informing the decisions we confront every day on this ever-changing planet.  Rigorous documentation biological, chemical, physical, geological, and archaeological features of the world’s oceans will require a spectrum of expansive, creative, and ongoing activities and commitments.


The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report3,  prepared with the contributions of over 1300 international experts, and conducted under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded that “approximately 60% (15 out of 24) of the ecosystem services examined… are being degraded or used unsustainably…”  

As a consequence of this degradation, resource management scientists are witnessing ... “abrupt alterations in water quality, the creation of ‘dead zones’ in coastal waters, the collapse of fisheries, and shifts in regional climate4…”

Consequently, vast areas of marine habitat, including coral reefs, estuaries, and open ocean ecosystems, will require direct restoration actions, using established and emerging methods.  Identifying and engaging in ecosystem restoration programs, and then monitoring success, are key activities that the Foundation supports


Given the stark realities above, clearly there is, and elevated impetus to learn more and then communicate about the oceans. Aquatica is preparing to play a significant role in supporting humankind’s expanded understanding of the planet’s unseen frontier, and sharing that elevated knowledge.  Aquatica will accomplish this objective by directly facilitating and participating in exploration and restoration activities undertaken by established ocean science entities including established universities, institutes, and community science organizations, as well as start-up ventures World Wide.

Aquatica are currently under construction of several expeditions and documentary World Wide

China Oceans

We are now looking for other passionate groups of Ocean Advocates here in China, looking for expedition teams of Chinese Scientists, investors, the Chinese government support for expeditions, investigating, documentary filming, of your waters

To combine Chinese Oceanic Scientists with our team of experts to investigate the need for Coral Reef surveys, Forensic Collection, Marine Life, Shark and Fishery Education,  as a combined  team of Scientists and experts asses the health and well-being of The Undiscoverd - The Unkown Coastline and Sea's of China .

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